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How to maximise productivity with teamwork and problem solving

By Marketing Team
Friday, July 1, 2022

It's easy to think you can employ the right people to do a good job and the rest will take care of itself. However, we believe that strong teamwork problem solving can have a beneficial effect on productivity and deliver on business outputs as a result.

As a business manager, HR manager or someone who looks after the workforce in your company, you might give a little eye roll when someone mentions teamwork or team building exercises and we might just have to agree with you! The usual, mundane offering for teamwork problem solving exercises can sometimes involve ‘organised fun’ which can often have an adverse effect on your team; the very opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Evocatus is different and we don’t say that lightly. Our experience of teamwork problem solving comes with a Veteran edge thanks to valuable time spent serving with The British Army. In fact, Evocatus was born following the successful training program of thousands of troops about to be deployed to Afghanistan. We have learned to design, plan, simulate and run exercises on this scale within the defence sector and the obvious progression for us was to provide War Gaming style exercises for the business world to enhance training experiences, test contingency plans and help them to identify risks. You can find out more about our training style using military techniques for the civilian world.

Problem solving team building exercises will maximise productivity in the following ways:


  • Improved communication – problem solving team building can help to remove communication barriers because they require your team to listen to each other and act accordingly. Communication is of huge importance for teamwork problem solving.
  • The opportunity to share – teamwork problem solving gives your workforce the chance to feedback, highlight areas of concern and give you, the employer, the opportunity to understand how they feel about their workplace.
  • Problem solving skills – these sessions are of course designed to actually solve a problem, so they would be learning a new skill. Beneficial for their own development and for the business when problems arise in their day-to-day activity.
  • Highlighting strengths and weaknesses – problem solving team building exercises usually do a great job of highlighting particular personality traits of your team members, including their strengths and weaknesses which can be used to enhance productivity in the long run. For businesses, understanding where the team strengths lie can help to combat the weaknesses.
  • Confidence – a core factor of productivity which comes from speaking up in front of others, you will find that team members with the most confidence don’t have an issue justifying their logic.
  • Being creative – teamwork problem solving allows them the chance to become more creative with their thinking. Seeking out new ways to solve problems or approach a situation which is extremely important for productivity.
  • Teamwork – it might sound obvious, but of course bringing your team together on a large task and working towards a common goal will improve their teamwork, they will realise new things about each other that they can take forward to deliver business goals together.


Defining what improvement your business would like to make to productivity is the best way to approach teamwork problem solving and we can help you identify goals, design a plan and put it into practice. Remember, that besides being one of the cheesiest lines ever, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and ultimately if your team are well connected to each other, their productivity will know no bounds. Read more about our team building services and approach to problem solving.


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