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Key Challenges in Change Management and How to Overcome Them

By Anthony Sharman
Wednesday, December 29, 2021

"Change is the only constant"

 Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher. 

Be it a person or an organisation, change is inevitable.

When it comes to managing changes in your organisation, the key question to ask is: "how should we respond?"

The best response isn't instant. The best response is to expect change, plan for it and build it into your organisation's culture. 

However, change comes with its own set of challenges. Even the most charimastic leaders have to face huge roadblocks in the process of change management. In this post, we look at the three key challenges in change management and discuss tips on how to overcome them.

Communication Problems

This is one of the key challenges in change management. It's an aspect where many businesses falter. Many organisations excel at communicating with customers, but when it comes to communicating with employees, they don't seem to have a clue. 

Common problems include: 


  • Very little or limited communication

  • Failure to inform and involve all stakeholders 

  • Not enough mediums of communication


Communication problems can be easily avoided with some good planning. Devise a communication strategy for your change management plan and outline who will be responsible for what. Create a schedule in advance and identify the channels you will use to communicate like mail, email or intranet. 

Be sure to communicate all the essential facts. Let your staff know what events will take place and how they should prepare for them. These measures should help you navigate this key challenge in change management. 


Setbacks are a part and parcel of any project. Change management is no different. However, you can minimise the impact by recognising setbacks before they even happen. 

It's futile to expect the change management process to flow smoothly. There's no foolproof plan and it's impossible to foresee the future. When something goes awry, it's important to maintain a positive attitude and implement measures to prevent their recurrence. 

Expecting setbacks is only the first step. Identifying them and preparing for them will help overcome setbacks, one of the key challenges in change management.


This is another common challenge of change management. When people get accustomed to the comfort offered by the status quo, the first thing they do is to resist change. 

However, comfort zones stifle growth. Resistance to change should be addressed immediately by removing behavioural barriers that limit our growth. 

Reassure your staff to show your support. At the same time, provide the necessary training to help them get to speed and provide the needed time to adapt to the change. This paves the way for an easy transition. 

Implementing Latest Technology

Adapting to technology is another key challenge in change management. New tools, equipment and workflows bring a huge change. 

In the absence of a well-defined plan of action, this change can gravely affect productivity and cause immense frustration among the staff. The very technology that was intended to automate the process and improve workflows can become a huge barrier. 

Plan a phased roll-out of new technology. At the same time, provide training so the employees are prepared when you implement the change. 

Parting Thoughts 

Change is difficult but inevitable. Embracing change is the only way to grow your organisation and flourish. Evocatus can help with your transition process through our customised training programmes. For more information, talk to us today!

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