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Making problem solving activities work for your business

By Marketing Team
Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Have you ever considered using games or activities to help you and your team solve problems? It’s a unique approach but has highly effective results when it comes to tackling teamwork and problem solving. 

Our games and activities are designed to help your team through a process of identifying problems or challenges, working through potential solutions and evaluating the most suitable option to move forward. We split our activities into two halves:


Gathering a detailed understanding of what the problem or problems may actually be. This gives us a better grounding of what needs attention and adjustment. Sometimes, the problem is already understood, but through the process of the game, it can help to delve a little deeper and engage with it differently. 


Games and exercises are used to experiment, trial, test and refine potential solutions now that the problem is understood in detail. Evocatus gives your team the environment to test their solutions without worrying consequences and less risk compared to what may happen in a real-life situation.

Removing your teams from their regular working environment can help to give them a new perspective to the problem that needs solving. It can also have huge benefits to team-building and maybe that’s even one of your identified problems?

Why is team building important?

 Teamwork and problem solving come hand in hand when you’re considering a problem solving strategy, so why let’s explore why the team building element is so important. 

It’s one of the most important and valuable investments you can make for your organisation’s employees. Team building challenges can be tough, but handled correctly it can enhance trust, eradicate conflict, improve communication and encourage collaboration making for better engaged employees; boosting company culture and in turn, eventually, your bottom line. Not to mention, it can be pretty good fun!

Working towards a common problem-solving goal allows team bonds to be built fairly quickly and we can help your teams understand when to lead, listen and support each other to make better decisions. 

A great problem solving strategy 

If you’re not quite ready to delve into the world of team building games to help problem solve, you could look at this technique from Edward de Bono – the Six Thinking Hats. 

  • The white hat – simply dealing with the facts at hand
  • The yellow hat – an optimistic outlook, exploring the positive aspects
  • The black hat – assessing your risk management, pointing out areas of weakness with the intent to overcome them
  • The red hat – more of an emotional connection based on gut feeling or intuition
  • The green hat – a little creative flair, looking at new ideas or opportunities
  • The blue hat – the control mechanism that ensure the guidelines of the Six Thinking Hats is observed

This handy video explains it in more detail:

Evocatus offers a completely bespoke team building service alongside, as well as, or as part of your teamwork problem solving strategy. You can read more about team building in detail here and problem solving techniques here.

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