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Problem Solving Bristol

By Anthony Sharman
Monday, January 25, 2021

Evocatus offer a range of Problem-solving services in Bristol and across the South West to help businesses in the area to tackle and approach issues from a new perspective.

The current pandemic has resulted in businesses, not just in Bristol but across the UK having to adapt and change their business plans in order to survive.

If you are based in Bristol and are looking for ways to diversify and protect your business but need some help with decision making, then our problem-solving service could be for you.

Your business may have several options available as a change of direction but using a game-based decision-making process to really understand and solve a problem can provide vital insight; crucial when the survival of your business depends on making the right choice.

How to solve a problem with the right choice.

To solve a problem, you need to know your options. That is why the first part of our problem-solving service involves a process of building a detailed understanding of the issue in question.

We work with you through games and exercises to explore all the options and from a range of perspectives to pinpoint which part of the business requires adjustment. You might come to us with a clear understanding of the issues but gaming the problem with other members of your team, particularly those who will be responsible for the solutions will provide an opportunity to engage emotionally rather than just on an intellectual level.

Problem solving exercises can take place at your business premises in Bristol, virtually if social distancing restrictions remain, at a venue of your choice or at out base just outside of Bristol at Hartham Park in Wiltshire.

Problem solving activities

After the initial problem scoping exercises with your team, we will be able to help you to develop a solution to a clearly defined and well understood problem.

The next stage to finding a solution that works is to use more games to experiment, trial and test plans in an environment without consequences. This method builds consent and understanding across teams and the organisation, allowing you to explore and reject or develop a range of options and to create a true problem-solving strategy.

The problem-solving service that we offer to organisations in Bristol is completely bespoke. We believe that our approach not only helps with solving problems but will also help create a better decision-making environment and help to build a stronger team.

Do not let the pandemic slow your Bristol based business – talk to us now and let us help solve your problems.


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