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Evocatus Consulting Ltd

Support to Maple Resolve

By Ant Sharman
Friday, May 31, 2019

Allied Container Systems logoEvocatus Consulting was delighted to be asked back to North America this May to support Allied Container Systems Canada on Exercise Maple Resolve 19. Maple Resolve is a huge exercise involving thousands of soldiers and hundreds of vehicles across a wide area of the Albertan prairie which aims to recreate the complexity and challenge of military operations in the 21st century. ACS (Canada) contributes to the exercise by populating the exercise area with civilian roleplayers and by providing Hollywood-style special effects to increase the realism of exercise casualties, particularly for medical personnel.

As a company with its roots in the Canadian Film and TV industry, ACS recognised in 2017 that they would benefit from a better understanding of how military training is designed, resourced and managed. They approached Evocatus and we have now travelled to support 2 major exercises in Canada, working as part of the ACS team. Our role is an advisory one, getting stuck in to solve problems where required but largely focussing on helping to create a culture and ethos within the crew that creates the resilience required to get through days when everything goes wrong and the weather turns. We also provide some assurance, writing up a report on each session, highlighting areas for further development.

Highlights of this year’s session included the integration of new members to the team, extra work on the casualty simulation side to support US Army National Guard Medevac crews and the development and testing of a new cloud-based situational awareness application to improve our capacity for sharing information at speed.

We thoroughly enjoy the work we do on behalf of ACS Canada. Not only are they an agile, learning organisation, genuinely committed to continuous improvement, they are also keenly motivated by the desire to do the best possible job in support of their military customer.

Applying realistic injury make up before the exercise

Getting ready for the exercise

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