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Why you need Safety Compliance Training

By Marketing Team
Wednesday, February 9, 2022

We realise there may often be other training priorities for your team or business and safety compliance training isn’t the most attractive of subjects and you might find it difficult to get excited about it. 

Here at Evocatus, we provide full service training and support to bring your team up to speed on everything they should know with enthusiasm and vigour for the subject thanks to years of experience. No matter your industry, health and safety compliance is essential to protect your teams and you need to comply with regulations by law. 

Although it can often be viewed as a boring topic, it can add a degree of value to your business and training your teams to become more knowledgeable not only protects your business from potential risks but it can make your team feel valued that they have all the tools at hand and are taken care of. 

Healthy and safety compliance requirements include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Appointing someone to manage your health and safety aspects of your business – they don’t have to be an employee per se, but someone you trust to stay on top of things.
  • Carrying out risk assessments and identifying potential hazards – hazards could be anything from lifting heavy goods to ensuring handrails are in place on the stairs.
  • Providing information, consultation and training for your teams – this information should be readily available and updated regularly.
  • Produce a health and safety policy – all of your team members should have access to this and it should be filed and updated on the premises.
  • Provision of the correct facilities – maybe you have a kitchen in your office for your teams to make and enjoy their own lunch, correct safety provision should be in place to protect them from accidents.
  • Maintenance of first aid – from appointing a team member to manage aspects of your first aid to ensuring you have the right kit in place.
  • Insurance – should anything go wrong, you need to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities.
  • A process for recording accidents and illnesses – perhaps someone had a trip or fall, you should have a process in place for recording this information. 
  • Displaying correct literature – by law often a health and safety poster should be put up in your workplace.
  • Using and monitoring of computer systems – protecting your company data and teams from cyber-crime.
  • Managing visitors to your business – checking in visitors and contractors who may visit your workplace regularly or as a one-off.
  • Understanding and deciphering the laws around health and safety. 

That’s a very long list of things to consider and to keep on top of, particularly if you don’t have the budget to employ a full time health and safety officer! Staying on top of the latest legislation can be time consuming and implementing them into your team culture often needs someone with a little more expertise. 

How can Evocatus help?

Evocatus has years of experience in safety compliance training, producing risk assessments, gap analysis and crisis support. It gives you peace of mind that everything is taken care of so you can focus on the day job. We are happy to support on any level that you feel most comfortable with, whether you’re simply looking for advice or for someone to deliver a complete solution, we’ve got you covered. 

You can read more about how we can help by visiting safety compliance services here.

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