Bespoke Events: A more relevant approach to promoting engagement.

To run a successful organisation, it is vital that you know how to engage your employees and your customers.  In the past, promoting engagement may have involved organising staff training days, seminars and expos but in a world where online conferencing, webinars and even meetings in virtual reality are normal, there has to be a real reason for people to commit the time and money required to travel to an event; sitting in a room full of chairs and listening to lectures is simply not worth it; the unique opportunity presented by bringing people together in this climate is to get them interacting with each other and through this interaction, you get engagement.

Why is employee engagement so important?

Simply put, if your employees are engaged with their job, their colleagues and their company then countless studies have shown that their productivity will be significantly higher.

The benefit of creating an environment at work that promotes deeper employee engagement will deliver the best results for your people and your business.

Cultivating an environment that promotes authenticity, cultural diversity and company values is ultimately about respecting and valuing everyone’s opinions to create a workplace where people can thrive; this inclusion depends on everybody developing a habit of engagement.

However, responsibility for employee engagement doesn’t just fall to leaders and managers. Everyone within your organisation plays a critical role in ensuring their colleagues are engaged and contributing members of the team, as a key part of job satisfaction comes from positive interactions with colleagues.

In building a successful organisation, it is crucial to invest time and effort into the establishment and promotion of engagement between employees throughout the company and at every level, to develop a team mind set where everyone contributes.

How can Evocatus help you to promote engagement?

At Evocatus we thrive on promoting engagement and create bespoke events to do just that!

We find that interaction is the best way to hold people’s attention, particularly when that interaction gets them emotionally engaged. We can work with you to create a scenario game that will supercharge the engagement of your team.

At Evocatus we realise how important it is for employees to feel that they’re contributing to a team that has perseverance, agility and a goal-focused mentality. Team building and problem solving encourages employees to think laterally and to solve problems using the strengths from across their teams, rather than relying on guidance from management. Employees that are given the opportunity to contribute to the success of a scenario based game will enjoy a positive experience that leads to personal development and satisfaction in their role.

Bespoke Gaming Solutions

At Evocatus, we have successfully used game design techniques, from simple tabletop games to help solve problems and devise strategies, through to realistic team building scenario games which test solutions, plans and teams.  We have even produced bespoke movie content to achieve the required results.

At the heart of it all, though, lies the customer requirement. 

We work with you to devise a game to suit your company’s objectives.

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