explaining ideas

At Evocatus we create games to help your business.

Games can be used in all sorts of ways to explain  new concepts and to deliver an understanding and acceptance of ideas.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Xun Kuang, 312-230 BCE

New ways to explain complex ideas 

At Evocatus Consulting we’re all about running games and exercises, for a whole variety of purposes, from problem solving, strategy and planning through to team building and risk management. One of the more innovative uses of gaming in business is in the area of explaining ideas, a crucial aspect of meaningful innovation and change, particularly when the ideas which need explaining are complex and challenge preconceptions.

understanding and accepting ideas

Various ideas and concepts need to be explained to a range of potential audiences if they are to really understand and accept them. Clients might need to understand the significance of a new software application, decision-makers within the organisation might need to understand the detail and complexities of an emerging risk or opportunity and teams need to understand the concepts and ideas behind a need to change if they are to really consent and commit to any sort of transformation activity.

We bring your ideas to life

We have a range of approaches we can use to explain ideas. Scenario-based exercises to bring ideas to life can create emotional engagement and unpack complexity. A wargame or roleplaying game, with a focus on experiencing alternative points of view, can be brought to life with bespoke movie content to promote engagement. This is particularly effective for consent-building exercises, where there are usually some preconceptions to be unpicked.

Our Network

At Evocatus, our focus is on explaining ideas through games to help businesses achieve their objectives, using our experience as leaders, decision makers, trainers and exercise designers. We are confident that we have the key skills to deliver truly transformational team building activities, but are equally confident that the best events will use the expertise of others, depending on the client’s needs. Our strong links to small businesses offering services as diverse as film-making and organisational psychology in the UK and beyond mean that we have a constant feed of new ideas, innovations and context to make sure we can deliver exactly what our clients are hoping for.

Where we operate

Exercises can be run at our base in Wiltshire; Hartham Park House is within easy reach of London, Bristol and Cardiff by train and close to the M4. Alternatively, we can come to you, wherever you are in the world!


If you are interested in using our Explaining Ideas Service for your organisation or company then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.