Our Clients

We have worked with many outstanding clients covering everything from creating business development plans to offering complex training solutions using our war gaming strategies. So, if you’re based in Bath, Bristol or further afield, get in touch to see if you are our next outstanding client.

Global Food Manufacturing Company

Our Global blue-chip client was undergoing a significant top-down reorganisation which challenged traditional structures, but which was essential for effective communication. We designed a consent building exercise which allowed players from Regional hubs to experience their business environment from different perspectives and demonstrated the need for change as a precursor to a more formal day of presentations from the relevant Global VP. The exercise has been successfully repeated in 4 regions, with another 2 ordered for 2019.

two businessmen making a war game decision


Our Canadian client supports large-scale military exercises across North America with role-players and special effects. We provide exercise design, planning and delivery expertise to make sure that they understand the required exercise outcomes and support them in the most effective way possible, enabling them to delight their customers.


Our Dutch client delivers high-end interactive wargames, supported by bespoke movie content. We have provided support including scenario design, game development and hosting, along with scriptwriting work.

Evocatus Consulting

Ministry of Defence

Through a variety of agencies, we support the UK MoD on sensitive capability development wargames. This ongoing work allows us to continue to learn from the most innovative part of the UK professional wargaming community.

map reading exercise during a war game
injury simulation for war game exercise

Global Public AffairS Network

A global network of Public Affairs companies, we provide scenario-based exercises to explore corporate communications responses to likely world events, using role players and bespoke movie content to simulate stakeholders and media feeds. We are most effective in these games when supported by specialist Public Affairs consultants joining in the game as agitators and to help steer the narrative.

Global Blue Chip Consultancy Group

A global blue-chip consultancy, our client asked us to review and update their cyber crisis management exercise. Using their extant exercise aims and injects, we created a scenario-based exercise which delivered significantly improved player engagement. We are uniquely well-placed to run outsourced exercises on behalf of risk management and training consultancies.

preparing to launch a drone during a war game simulation
reading instructiond during a war game simulation