Teamwork and Problem Solving

We regard teamwork and problem solving as an activity with two distinct halves, and we apply gaming methods to both.


The first activity is problem scoping; a process of actually building a detailed understanding of the issue in question. By building games and exercises to explore situations from a range of perspectives, we can create a better understanding of what actually requires adjustment. Even if the problem is already clear and understood, gaming it through with those who are going to be responsible for solutions can help to explain and expose the depth and detail, providing an opportunity to engage emotionally rather than just on an intellectual level.



The second element is the development of a solution to a clearly defined and well-understood problem. Rather than deciding on a course of action and just diving in, we can use games and exercises to experiment, trialling and testing plans, refining them in an environment without consequence and building crucial consent across organisations. This allows for truly innovative solutions to be developed, with the scope to explore and reject the ambitious and divergent options which would simply be too risky to try out in the real world to create a true teamwork and problem solving strategy.

Teamwork and Problem Solving Mindset

In addition to solving problems confronting businesses, our approach can help to develop a problem-solving mindset, particularly when we can get members of the organisation actively involved. By exposing people to the challenges of decision-making and consequence in complex environments, we can help them to make better decisions, to be more aware of how their own psychology can interfere with framing and solving problems.



Every problem solving game we run is bespoke. As well as using our experience of designing and delivering complex military exercises, we try to bring as many ideas and mechanics as we can from the tabletop gaming world; this allows us to deliver problem solving challenges without complete reliance on outdoor activities. Although we are happiest out of doors, an indoor exercise is often more realistic if time or budget is short.

We always start from the client’s requirements; nailing this down often takes a bit of work, but we will make sure we know exactly what you want to achieve before we start the design process; everything starts with “Why?” Given the benefit of our experience leading teams and designing exercises, we are usually able to sharpen a slightly fuzzy need for problem solving into a focussed experience for the organisation’s people.

The Evocatus problem solving approach starts with a specific requirement and is then not complete until delivery is completed by an After Action Review; it is through this reflective process that the emotions, frustrations and insight of the game can be identified, discussed and understood within the context of theoretical tools and models which individuals and the team may find useful. Depending on the level of sophistication required, this review could be supported by specialists, such as psychologists, or by experienced mentors who can coach leaders using their own experience. We can also use technology including GPS tracking and drone tech to be able to play back the action to the team, providing them with a more complete view of events than they will have had during the game.

Our Network

At Evocatus, our focus is on using engagement through games to help businesses achieve their objectives, using our experience as leaders, decision makers, trainers and exercise designers. We are confident that we have the key skills to deliver truly transformational problem solving service, but are equally confident that the best events will use the expertise of others, depending on the client’s needs. Our strong links to small businesses offering services as diverse as film-making and organisational psychology in the UK and beyond mean that we have a constant feed of new ideas, innovations and context to make sure we can deliver exactly what our clients are hoping for.

Where we operate

Our base at Hartham Park in Wiltshire is a perfect setting for games designed for problem solving: Swindon, Bristol and Bath are all within very easy reach, as is Oxfordshire. Alternatively, we routinely travel to deliver exercises at an organisation’s own offices or at an entirely different location; this can be particularly effective when a corporate away-day or meeting incorporates problem solving games. London and other major cities with good public transport networks provide an ideal place to look at a problem solving approach; Swindon and other regional hubs tend to provide more options for getting out into the countryside or for using larger indoor spaces without breaking the budget.

If you are interested in using our Problem Solving services for your organisation or company then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.