Performers on the world’s biggest stages depend on rehearsals to make sure they achieve the very best results when it really matters. The bigger and more complex a team, the more important it is for them to practice together and to develop shared understanding if they are to be successful. Players in an orchestra or the cast of a show need to know not just their individual parts, but also how they fit with those of others to create the whole piece.

Similarly, organisations with complicated plans can prepare to put them into effect by running rehearsals. Simply running through the plan, assuming that everything works the way we hope, is a good start, but so much more can be achieved by running an exercise designed to particularly highlight and practice the more difficult moments in any plan. By gaming through the plan, allowing for things to go wrong and then working out how best to deal with setbacks, the whole team can begin to understand how their individual part in the plan fits in with all the others.

WHEN Would you use our Rehearsal service for your business?

Security Rehearsal

Business Plan Rehearsal

Contingency Plan Rehearsal

Running a rehearsal takes time and effort, but they are a great way to reduce risk and to build consent and enthusiasm across a team. In particular, rehearsals pay dividends in a number of situations.

Contingency Plans:

This could be the Business Continuity Plan, an Evacuation Plan or a more specific, specialist response to any sort of emergency for your organisation. These plans are often detailed and well understood by one or two individuals but need to be rehearsed if they are going to work in the face of real-world stresses, ideally with a few planning assumptions upset, so that the plan can be developed to be more agile and robust.

New and Controversial Initiatives:

When organisations are rolling out plans to create change, a rehearsal is a great way to explain why change is needed and to allow members of the team to experience what to expect. Good rehearsals are not just about a run-through but are about refining the plan and how we execute it until we are all confident it will work and have developed the mutual understanding and trust required to make it work.


When large teams come together to deliver on complicated plans, rehearsals are key, allowing leaders and the whole team to practice the orchestration required to make sure everything happens in the right place and time, in perfect harmony with every other action.

What type of rehearsals do Evocatus organise?

We can support rehearsals with a range of levels of effort. At the most basic level, we can run a tabletop exercise in which people are able to talk through their part in the plan, share their concerns and collaborate to prepare more effectively. At the most realistic level, we can run live exercises, designed to simulate the execution of a plan, including some of the stresses and frictions which can make plans harder to stick to in an emergency.

The Evocatus bespoke rehearsal service

Everything we deliver at Evocatus is bespoke. While we have tools and methods that we fall back on again and again, the first thing we do is to really understand what it is the customer wants to achieve. In the case of rehearsals we can create a plan with an end goal in mind and build in different hurdles that the team might need to overcome to achieve the desired outcome.

Our Network

At Evocatus, our focus is on using engagement through games to help businesses achieve their objectives, using our experience as leaders, decision makers, trainers and exercise designers. We are confident that we have the key skills to deliver truly detailed rehearsal for your teamthat will allow you to approach the main event with confidencethat everyone is prepared and that nothing has been over looked. To make the most of the rehearsals we can bring in the expertise of others, depending on the client’s needs. Our strong links to small businesses offering services as diverse as film-making and organisational psychology in the UK and beyond mean that we have a constant feed of new ideas, innovations and context to make sure we can deliver exactly what our clients are hoping for.

Where we operate

Our base at Hartham Park in Wiltshire is a perfect setting to test plans, experiment with ideas and  for playing games: Swindon, Bristol and Bath are all within very easy reach. Alternatively, we routinely travel to deliver exercises at an organisation’s own offices or at an entirely different location; this can be particularly effective when a corporate away-day or meeting incorporates team building scenario games. London and other major cities with good public transport networks provide an ideal place to run experimentation games; Swindon and other regional hubs tend to provide more options for getting out into the countryside or for using larger indoor spaces without breaking the budget.


If you are interested in using our Rehearsal Services for your organisation or company then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.